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SOLD OUT - What's Your message- How to tell stories from your data - a DAMA UK/BCS Joint Event

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Location : BCS Southampton Street, London

Time : 09:30 to 17:00

Event Details

What's Your message- How to tell stories from your data - BCS Data Management SG

“You have 2 minutes…what are you telling me?......”

You have the data. You’ve done the analysis. But how do you get the message across, quickly, correctly, in the time available.

We’ve all been there (or you soon will), …having to persuade people to start, stop, change and/or give us some funding.

This year’s joint event between the Data Management Association (DAMA) and the BCS Data Management Specialist Group is addressing the challenge of Data Visualisation to help attendees to grow or hone existing skills for communicating analysis findings concisely and get the action required that’s really obvious…except to those key stakeholders/decision makers/budget holders…who must be convinced.

We are really fortunate to be able to present a set of recognised experts in the field who will each cover different aspects of the topic and then make themselves available for questions and discussion.

We expect this to be a very informative and entertaining day, of value to data scientists, analysts, students, managers…even politicians(!), anyone who needs to persuade using data…


0930 Introduction and Scene setting Julian Schwarzenbach, Mark Humphries DMSG, DAMA
0950 Data, Story, Chart, Design - visual storytelling for an audience Adam Frost, Add Two
1040 Visualisation for Data-Driven Decision Making Susie Bentley,itelligent-i
1130 Break
1150 Are you sure? Visualising data in uncertainty Edward Watkinson,Royal Free London NHS Trust
1240 Lunch
1330 One Page or Bust: The power of storytelling for getting decision makers' attention Martin Sykes, Cambridge Assessment
1420 OS Open Zoomstack – accessible, customisable open data Charley Glynn, Ordnance Survey
1510 Break
1530 TBC Andrew Henderson Nationwide
1620 Panel debate/ discussion Julian Schwarzenbach, DMSG
1700 Networking


Data, Story, Chart, Design - visual storytelling for an audience, Adam Frost, Add Two

This presentation will focus on how to pull stories out of large datasets and then examine how design techniques can make those stories resonate with specific audiences. Best practice examples and favourite tools and software will also be shared.

Visualisation for Data-Driven Decision Making, Susie Bentley, itelligent-i

Data Visualisation is becoming increasingly popular and the features and functionality modern BI tools are constantly increasing. However, is the effort that you put into developing your data visualisations always reflected in the impact they make for your end-users? In this session, I will talk through my experience of data visualisation to create impactful analytics; how to ensure that all reports highlight the insight in your data, reveal data quality, tell a story and support decision makers to make sense of the data – whether it be simple reporting or complex analytics across multiple data sets. The session will include examples of where analysis in Power BI has made a difference and why, and my top tips for creating reports that will encourage business users to ask for more!

Are you sure? Visualising data in uncertainty, Edward Watkinson, Royal Free London NHS Trust

Why do we bother analysing and presenting data? We do it to make sense of our world and improve the decisions we make in the face of constant uncertainty. But poorly presented analysis can make people either act rashly or not act when they should. In this talk, Ed will discuss the techniques he and his team uses to both tell data-driven stories and help people monitor their work with visualisation which is useful, engaging and accurate. He will use examples from healthcare past and present, including his current work in the NHS - a sector with both significant challenges and challenging audiences.

One Page or Bust: The power of storytelling for getting decision makers' attention, Martin Sykes, Cambridge Assessment

As technology professionals, we often struggle to get critical messages across. How do we get the level of commitment we need from stakeholders? How can we describe important technical designs and plans without losing our non-technical audience?

The evidence proves that stories trump data when it comes to persuasion. It's also true that when you can get all the key information on one page it's possible for your audience to use it to retell your story and help it grow.

Even so, many people are reticent to tell stories because they believe "the facts" will speak for themselves, and they overload audiences with information. Martin will show us, based on practical experience, how the power of storytelling works and how to ensure your content stands above the rest on one page.

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