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A re-interpretable representation of information in a formalised manner suitable for communication, interpretation or processing.

Data administration

A role in data management concerned with mechanisms for the definition, quality control and accessibility of an organisation’s data.

Data dictionary

Software in which metadata is stored, manipulated and defined – a data dictionary is normally associated with a tool used to support software engineering.

Data management

A corporate service which helps with the provision of information services by controlling or co-ordinating the definitions and usage of reliable and relevant data.

Data mining

The process of finding significant, previously unknown, and potentially valuable knowledge hidden in data.

Data model

(i) An abstract, self-contained logical definition of the data structures and associated operators that make up the abstract machine with which users interact (such as the relational model of data). (ii) A model of the persistent data of some enterprise (such as an entity– relationship model of data required to support a human resources department).

Data modelling

The task of developing a data model that represents the persistent data of some enterprise.

Data owner

(i) The owner of a data definition is the person in the organisation who has the authority to say that this data should be held and that this definition is the appropriate definition for the data. (ii) The owner of a data value is the person or organisation that has authority to change that value.

Data profiling

A set of techniques for searching through data looking for potential errors and anomalies, such as similar data with different spellings, data outside boundaries and missing values.

Data quality

The state of completeness, validity, consistency, timeliness and accuracy that makes data appropriate for a specific use.

Data recovery

Restoring a database to a state that is known to be correct after a failure.

Data security

Protecting the database against unauthorised users.

Data steward

The person who maintains a data definition on behalf of the owner of the data definition.

Data warehouse

A specialised database containing consolidated historical data drawn from a number of existing databases to support strategic decision making.


(i) An organised way of keeping records in a computer system. (ii) A collection of data files under the control of a database management system.

Database administration

A role in data management concerned with the management and control of the software used to access physical data.

Database management system (DBMS)

A software application that is used to create, maintain and provide controlled access to databases.


A constraint on a data value that specifies its intrinsic nature, such as numeric, alphanumeric, date.

Discretionary access control (DAC)

Access control where the users who are granted access rights are allowed to propagate those rights to other users.


A pool of values from which an attribute must take its value – a domain provides a set of business validation rules, format constraints and other properties for one or more attributes that may exist as a list of specific values, as a range of values, as a set of qualifications, or any combination of these.

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