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Acronym for relational database management system – a database management system whose logical constructs are derived from the relational model of data. Most relational database management systems available are based on the SQL database language and have the table as their principal logical construct.


The basic structure in the relational model of data – formally a set of tuples, but informally visualised as a table with rows and columns.

Relational data analysis

A technique of transforming complex data structures into simple, stable data structures that obey the rules of relational data design, leading to increased flexibility and reduced data duplication and redundancy – also known as normalisation.

Relational model of data

A model of data that has the relation as its main logical construct.


In a conceptual data model, an association between two entities, or between one entity and itself.


Software in which metadata is stored, manipulated and defined – a repository is normally associated with a corporate data management initiative.

Repository administration

A role in data management concerned with the management and control of the software in which ‘information about information’ is stored, manipulated and defined.

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